October 13, 2017 Leaf Guard Insurance

Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone who has suffered a loss of life and/or property damage from the current Northern California fires particularly near the Emerald Triangle.

For those who have already suffered a loss, there is little that we can do besides offer donations and prayers. However, we are writing in the hope of preventing any future catastrophic fire losses that can wipe out an entire harvest or inventory.

Indoor and outdoor growers are at risk to suffer not only from living, harvested and finished plants being directly destroyed by fire but also from damage caused by smoke contamination.

Damage to the various strains can render them totally unfit for sale or require sale at dramatically reduced prices due to the resulting lack of quality and smoky flavor.

Insurance is available that would cover such losses and pay for the damage based on the actual selling price of the damaged items thus insuring no loss of revenue.

Many wine vineyards that are currently suffering from the fires currently carry such coverage which will greatly assist them in surviving the financial effects.

Insurance carriers typically declare a moratorium on writing new business in areas suffering from an ongoing event but, we urge cultivators to take note of the damage being suffered and to explore the cost of obtaining insurance coverage against these exposures. The cost is higher than if one were to purchase a typical Property policy but the coverage is far superior to such policies and you will find that the higher cost is greatly offset by the protection provided for your entire crop and livelihood.

We urge you to become proactive in protecting against future losses as this exposure is not going to go away. This is the environment we live in and, if we can not control it, we can certainly protect ourselves from its financial impact.


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